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Brian K Moore

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Brian K. Moore

UX/UI Designer

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My Name: Brian K. Moore

E-mail: brian@mooreinsite.com

My Phone: (360) 480-7788

LinkedIn: Click here to view

My Hobbies: College Football, Star Wars, golf, anything Pixar, virtual and augmented reality tech, also I'm a news/media junkie

About Me

I'm a User Experience with over 8 years of design and research skills. I also have 3 years experience as a front-end web designer/developer which now allows me to be an 'ambassador' between developers and business partners/clients.

Some of my strengths: I'm a problem-solver, able to work on multiple tasks at once, an excellent communicator, light-hearted but serious minded, team-builder and supporter.

Why choose me?

I am: creative, timely, resourceful, and open-minded. With different projects or teams I'm part of I always make sure everything is completed with optimal end-results and our team is proud of what we completed--together.

Check out my work

Below are examples of UX and UI Designs I've created in the past. I've also included some of my art work.
Please note that I've smudged out some logos or client's names due to client confidentiality reasons.

Instant App Flow Diagram

Instant App Flow Diagram

UX Design

Wireframe Example

Wireframe Example

UX Design

Style Guide Example

Style Guide Example

UI Design

User Flow Diagram

User Flow Diagram

UX Design

Subscription Page Mockup

New Subscription Process Mockup

UI Design

Gift Card App Design

Mobile Gift Card Application

UX Design

Airline Crew App MVP

Airline Crew Application MVP

UX Design

Salesforce Portal

Salesforce Employee Community (Portal) Wireframes

UX Design

Tech Support E-Commerce Prototype

Tech Support E-Commerce Prototype

UI Design

Logistics Tracking Web App

Global Logistics Tracking Web Application

UI Design

Example of Iconography Map

Example of Iconography Map

UI Design

Example of Art Work

Ink Scratch Art: Owl

Art Work

Art Work 2

Acrylic Art: Seaside

Art Work

Art Work 3

Watercolor: American Eagle

Art Work

what i can do

I've picked up a few skills and honed on them through the years. Here are a few of my strongest ones:

Discovery and Planning

I want to know what the client exactly needs and what are their goals/requirements. Completed with: user interviews, statics gathering, also surveys.

Sitemaps and User Flows

I've created diagrams explaining a product's start and end points. End results: flow structures, decision points, and identified any missing sections.


This is where it starts coming together. Why are they needed? Wireframes are the blueprints to demostrate possible layout and navigation issues--before indepth design and development.

Mockups and Prototyping

This is the 'show and tell' part. My designs and flows are displayed with color and images. What's the Difference: Mockups are static displays while prototypes show some functionality.

Usability Testing

Before any development, user testing is needed to see users understand the product. Good-to-know terms: qualitative vs. quantitative research, guerrilla testing, cognitive walkthrough.


Creating the code that will make the product work on multiple devices. Must Develop: Responsive (adapts to any screen size) is a must since users view products on multiple devices.

tools that i use

Here are some of my 'tools of the trade' I use to complete the skills above:






Adobe Brackets



Axure RP




Adobe Photoshop

Adobe XD

JIRA (Agile project tracking)

My Experiences

Mar 2018

Whitaker IT

Senior UX/UI Designer Consultant

Design lead for a new SAP-Foiori based CRM. Worked closely with the product owner, project manager and a team of SAP developers to bring an 'easy-to-use' and modernlooking web application to life. After creating prototypes in Axure RP, I facilitated various usability testing sessions with the CRM users and then reported results back to stakeholders.

Mar 2018
Nov 2017


UX and UI Designer Consultant

Designer on four separate projects for a large financial company in Western Florida; interviewed users, created story and flow maps, implemented the company's global style and branding, and provide mock-ups plus prototypes using Axure RP for demostratations given to numerous stakeholders.

Nov 2017
Aug 2015

Mindtree Ltd

Lead UX and UI Designer

Consultant on various projects with clients that included financial institutions, large transportation companies, and global supply chains. Designed and assisted in code development of CRM dashboards, mobile applications, and various Salesforce front-end platforms.

Aug 2015
Mar 2014


UI / UX Designer and Developer

Designed and created the front-end code for a global logistics company's web application that tracks their client's products from entrance into country, to warehouse, to a store/customer. Fully responsive design used on various desktop sizes and tablet devices.

Sep 2013
Mar 2012


UX and UI Designer Consultant

Team and Technical Lead on serveral state of California projects and pharmaceutical mirgiration and redesigns. Highlight Project: Worked on one of the first Health Exchange websites in the country.

Mar 2012
Apr 2011

TIAG and General Dynamics - National Center for Telehealth and Techology (T2)

Drupal Developer

Continueous development and maintenance of 5 separate websites for the Department of Defense using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Highlight Project: Redesign of the public-facing T2 site to demo and link the mobile applications devleoped at T2; helped hunderds of veterans with PTSD and other neurological disorders.

Apr 2011
Nov 2008


Web Developer

Developed sites using the Drupal CMS; designed, developed and maintained four websites for the ECONET conglomerate. Highlight Project: Main website (Univera) was an e-commerce site that sold over $24 million worth of product annually.

May 2008
Oct 2007

Volt Technologies - World Vision Headquarters

Web/Data Analyst

Tracked muliple fund raising campaigns on over 12 different websites.

Honorable Discharge:
Sep 2007

United States Air Force

Information Manager

Computer and network tech support; web development and information architecture; project and personnel management; graduation from 2 military leadership schools with honors.

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